Is Character AI Safe For Kids? (Terms & Privacy Revealed) is one of the most entertaining chatbots to use, with its ability to let the user interact with the character of their own choice. Users can easily chat with a bunch of characters or even create their own character with

However, this simple initiative gets misused often. The news of frequent NSFW breaches has left people wondering, “Is Character AI Safe?”

This article will discuss Character AI’s terms and privacy policies, whether the tool still supports or filters NSFW content, and whether is safe for kids. Lastly, I shall also share the Reddit take on Character AI’s safety!

So, let’s dig into the necessary details!

Quick Verdict: Is Character AI Safe?

  • is safe for adults.
  • The tool is encrypted with SSL, which protects your information.
  • It has an NSFW filter.
  • team regularly moderates your interactions to verify policy violations.
  • You have full power to report suspicious/ inappropriate activity

Character AI: Terms & Privacy

While is in a debate about being safe or not, check out the terms, policies, and essential tips for Character AI below:

character ai terms
Source: Character AI
  • You must be 13+ to access the tool
  • You are strictly prohibited from sharing illegal and harmful content
  • Character AI owns all intellectual property rights
  • Do not share your password and account information
  • Character AI keeps track of your personal information for better algorithm
  • They also need your email address, IP address, and other details for data retention
  • All the gathered information is shared with Character AI’s service provider, affiliates, and third parties whenever necessary

Does Character AI Have NSFW Content?

Currently, is strictly against generating NSFW or inappropriate content from the characters. 

However, earlier, due to a lack of moderation on the team’s part, many users started misusing the tool. They would generate degrading and sexual prompts that get even more disturbing responses. 

When this out-of-hand situation was brought to the developers’ notice, they created an NSFW filter. While users were unhappy with the NSFW filter, most found a workaround and still engaged in the NSFW talks. 

What they do is:

  • Use alternative words for censored words
  • Use spaces or underscores while typing the censored words
  • Instead of directly stating the action, beat around the bush.

Note: is very strict about users bypassing the NSFW filter, and users found violating the terms can also get banned! You can learn more about how to bypass the Character.AI filter by reading our blog!

Is Character AI Safe For Kids?

Character AI is strictly not safe for users under 13 since the platform has many risk factors. Here are the 4 reasons why is not safe for kids!

  • Character.AI can give exposure to sexual and hateful content. While many users argue that now has an NSFW filter, there is still a high possibility of manipulating the tool and engaging in uncensored conversations.
  • Although Character AI does not have a direct message feature, children are still exposed to bullies in public chatrooms. 
  • The platform does not have end-to-end encryption, because of which, most times, the company or admins can view your chat.

Considering the naivety of children, they might overshare and give personal information in the chat, which might be used against them.

  • At times, chatbots are created by individuals who don’t have much knowledge of their inspired character. Because of this, while interacting with the bots, children might consume the wrong information and perceive the portrayed character and its characteristics as true.

Reddit Take On Character AI Safety

To know the views of other users, I scanned a Reddit thread – r/CharacterAI. Here, I found most Redditers to be thinking that Character AI is safe irrespective of the “your connection is private” pop-up shown!

Reddit Take - Is Character AI Safe
Source: Reddit

Dvs_Hooligun said, “Yeah it’s safe, I’ve never had that pop in all the times I hopped onto it online through desktop or mobile. Might be something on your end.”


Source: Reddit

Another user said, “Its safe but if you dont trust it you can use a email from tempmail or something and a randomly generated password.”


Source: Reddit

However, there is also a Redditor, who thinks is not safe. 

They said, “nah, the ai are constantly trying to give you a free robux advertisement, you should definitely click on them bgl.”


Source: Reddit

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Wrapping Up: Character AI Is Safe If Used With Caution

Character AI uses your personal information, such as your IP address, email ID, and chat history, to help enhance your service. 

Therefore, children (under 13) with no security awareness might get themselves in trouble by revealing sensitive information to chatbots or in public chat rooms. 

Moreover, the tool was once exposed to heavy NSFW breaches, which, although it is under control now, if you are not of age, Character AI is not for you. 

Having said that, if used cautiously, Character AI can be an entertaining and non-threatening experience. Just be mindful of what information you are sharing and where you are sharing it!


Is character AI safe to use?

Considering the moderators regularly run through your interactions and even track your data for better algorithms and verify policy violations, I would only partially address the tool as safe. Therefore, avoid sharing private information to maintain maximum security. 

Does character AI track you? indeed tracks your device information, including your email and IP addresses. The platform also keeps tabs on your conversation with the bot to enhance their speech moderation. Hence, I recommend maintaining caution.

Is character AI safe for 12-year-olds?

Character AI is unsafe for users under 13, considering the platform was once exposed to NSFW content. Most users have found a way to bypass the filter, which is not ideal for children as the bot can generate disturbing responses. 

Can character AI staff see your chats?

The Character AI staff can see your chats, as they need to track the interaction for speech enhancement. Hence, for the utmost safety, it’s essential not to reveal personal details. 

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