Is Blogging Worth It In An Instagram Obsessed World (2024)

There’s been a whole load of posts popping up from some pretty popular bloggers debating this very question. They point out their blog numbers are plummeting while over on instagram they’re getting plenty of engagement. So is it worth carrying on blogging, or even starting a blog when the world seems happier on another platform.

The short answer is yes.


Is Blogging Worth it in an Instagram Obsessed World : Overview

In recent years we’ve seen some of these mega social networks implement changes that in some cases have totally wiped out creators incomes. Over on YouTube there’s been reports of all kinds of channels getting shut down overnight because they violate YouTube ever updating terms and conditions. Some of these include gun and cannabis channels many of whom released statements pointing out that they’re channels had been hugely successful prior to them getting banned. Then there’s the wave of demonetization hitting other channels leaving creators to either stick to safe content or just crossing their fingers and hoping their latest video isn’t going to get hit. Let’s not forget restricted mode and how that rendered some creators (LGBTQ+ creators were hit especially hard) channels seemingly video less unless you were logged in and confirmed to be over 18.

Instagram - 
Is Blogging Worth it in an Instagram Obsessed World

On instagram there’s been changes like getting rid of chronological order meaning that some creators posts get pushed down before they’ve even had a chance to be seen. There’s hashtag banning and ghosting accounts all ready to stop your posts from reaching their intended audience.

All of these things can come at a moments notice. You don’t know what new rules might pop up that could affect your revenue stream or have your engagement crashing.

But you know where it’s safe from all that? Over on your blog. You get to decide what to post, where it will appear on your home page, what kind of keywords you use, everything is up to you. You can build up a presence where you have control and own every single bit of it. No power-that-be is going to come along and tell you you have to take a post down or you risk losing all your hard work.

While some of these popular bloggers are writing posts informing readers that they’re focusing mainly on Instagram, they are still posting on their blogs, just less frequently. If you feel your audience is more interested in your Instagram then it might be worth considering focusing a bit more on that platform, but don’t abandon your blog to gather dust. You never know which way the winds will turn when it comes to which platform is the most popular and you might find once the Instagram frenzy comes to an end that you wish you’d kept on with your blog and managed to keep the audience that were still reading.

Conclusion: Is Blogging Worth it in an Instagram Obsessed World

Social media is a great tool when it comes to being a creator, but all those platforms have people pulling the strings deciding how things are going to work. The only place you have control is on your blog. If you have any doubt or a query please leave a comment below.

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