Why You Should Launch Your Blog Right Now!

Ok, hold up, that title might have been a tad misleading! But, when I started this blog, there was a whole load of planning and researching involved, what content was I going to make, what my focus was going to be, who my target market was, how was it going to look, what categories should it have…the list of things to figure out seemed endless.

It’s really easy to get caught up in planning stage, to keep putting off that launch date while you just tweak the design a little, and plan some more content, and change your profile picture and about page seven hundred million times, but there comes a point when you actually need to bite the bullet and launch.

What it Takes to Launch Your Blog- Why You Should Launch Your Blog Right Now!

In all honesty, you’re going to discover a tone of things after you launch your blog and people start visiting it that are going to make you want to tweak things, but at that stage you’re making informed decisions because you can dig into your blog stats and analytics and see what’s working and what isn’t. You’ve got some genuine data to go off for the changes you’re making.

Blogging - Why You Should Launch Your Blog Right Now!

I’m totally guilty of hanging out in the planning stages for longer than I should, I love to tweak and fiddle and rearrange and I want everything to be absolutely perfect before I let the world lay eyes on my hard work. But guys, this is a blog not a book, you don’t need to have five years of content planned out and drafted up in advance, you don’t need (and shouldn’t!) have everything set in stone. Leave some room for flexibility, to change your mind and switch things up based on real analytics, based on what your users are doing on your blog, what’s most popular, what they’re complaining about or raving about.

More Reasons Why You Should Launch Your Blog Right Now!

Another good reason to launch asap is the amount of time it takes for Google to start indexing your site. It can be pretty frustrating when your site is a brand new little baby and you’re just waiting around for google to index you so that people can find your site. Even if you only have a blog post or two written then it might still be worth launching because you will still have time to tweak and fiddle and create more content before your blog starts showing up in search results. Hope this makes it clear on Why You Should Launch Your Blog Right Now!

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