21 Best Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2024 (Editor’s Choice)

Fashion blogs are not just regular posts on social media but are way more explanatory when it comes to fashion. Surprisingly, when I checked them out, I loved how detailed and updated they were, especially with the latest fashion. 

A lot of fashion blogs caught my attention. From the content to the overall design, I enjoyed every bit of my time exploring them and coming up with this list. In this article, I’m going to list all the top fashion blogs I found online. 

Rest assured, you won’t mind checking them out if you are high on the fashion and latest trends! 

With that, let’s explore them below!

Top 10 Fashion Blogs In 2024 (Overview) 

Here is a glimpse of the top 10 Best Fashion Blogs, giving you lessons on how to be creative with your dressing:  

Sr.No.Fashion Blog Bloggers’ NameInstagram HandleWebsite link
1.Atlantic – PacificBlair Eadie@blaireadiebeeAtlantic – Pacific
2.The Daileigh Ashleigh Hutchinson@thedaileighThe Daileigh 
3.Egg CanvasErica Choi@eggcanvasEgg Canvas
4.The Fashion GuitarCharlotte Groeneveld- Van Haren @thefashionguitarThe Fashion Guitar
5.Girl With CurvesTanesha Awasthi@taneshaawasthiGirl with curves
6.Harper & HarleySara Crampton @harperandharleyThe Undone lifestyle
7.Hello FashionChristine Andrew@christineandrewHello Fashion
8.My Fash Diary Tala Samman@myfashdiaryMy Fash Diary
9.One Dapper StreetMarcel Floruss@marcelforussOne Dapper Street
10.Grasie Mercedes Grasie Mercedes@grasiemercedesGracie Mercedes

These fashion bloggers’ blogs will help you uncover your versatile styling senses and bring them to life. 

Why is fashion so hyped? Fashion means creativity in a way while looking presentable. Also, it is a kind of storytelling about a culture, feelings, and people, which is why fashion is so hyped and important. 

Looking good at all times only adds to your personality, so let’s take a look at the top 21 best fashion blogs in brief that will help you become a fashion icon:

1. Atlantic – Pacific

Fashion Blog By Blair Eadie
Website Link Atlantic – Pacific
Instagram Handle@blaireadiebee
Atlantic - Pacific
Source: Atlantic-Pacific

The east-coast-meets-west-coast style aesthetic by Blair Eadie is the whole idea of the Atlantic-Pacific. This fashion blog will give you an entirely new experience with current styles blended in with a little bit of classiness and quirk. 

Blair has also worked with many brands, such as American Express, Range Rover, Gap Inc., Zara, and more. 

You can check out Blair’s social media and the Atlantic-Pacific to get her teaching about her fashion and styling. 

2. The Daileigh 

Fashion Blog By Ashleigh Hutchinson
Website Link The Daileigh 
Instagram Handle @thedaileigh 
The Daileigh
Source: The Daileigh

A push is all we need to dress dresses that we usually don’t wear, and this is exactly what Ashleigh provides in her blogs and ebooks. The blogger says that whatever you wear should be worn with confidence. 

Ashleigh also talks about how age is just a number and doesn’t affect your dressing sense. According to her, a dress worn confidently will always look spectacular. 

So, Reignite your spark to look and dress generously with “The Dailiegh.” 

3. Egg Canvas

Fashion Blog By Erica Choi
Website Link Egg Canvas
Instagram Handle@eggcanvas
Egg Canvas
Source: Instagram

Explore fashion, travel diaries, beauty, and skin products on Egg Canvas. With Erica Choi’s diverse yet unique blog, you get to experience more than just fashion. 

Erica also founded the brand “SuperEgg,” a skincare brand based on Korean beauty philosophy and the nutritional value of eggs for the skin. 

The blogger has worked with many renowned brands, such as Muji, Mercedes-Benz, British Airways, Grey Goose, Prada and many more. 

Erica Choi is an excellent fashion blogger with her unique design and style mixture to create something immaculate. You can check out her art direction and design by clicking here.

4. The Fashion Guitar

Fashion Blog By Charlotte Groeneveld
Website Link The Fashion Guitar
Instagram Handle@thefashionguitar
 The Fashion Guitar
Source: The Fashion Guitar

The Fashion Guitar will give insight into what you should wear confidently and elegantly. The mother of two kids and the fashion blog owner, Charlotte Groeneveld, does it all. 

Dive deep into the world of fashion and their new creation with Charlotte. You can take a look at her Instagram account to get an understanding of warm and cozy styling looks for all seasons.

5. Girl With Curves

Fashion Blog By Tanesha Ferguson Awasthi 
Website Link Girl with curves
Instagram Handle@taneshaawasthi
Girl With Curves
Source: Girl with curves

The epitome of feeling comfortable with your own skin is what Tanesha has taught many women. Unlike other websites, Girl with Curves is the ultimate website to find plus-sizing clothing without any size issues. 

The beautiful blogger clothing brand showcases a wide range of sizes for all women. Tanesha has inspired many plus-size girls and women to wear anything they like and still feel powerful. 

You can catch up with Tanesha’s clothing brand, blogs, and new styles via her social media or the Girl with Curves website. 

6. Harper & Harley

Fashion Blog By Sara Crampton 
Website Link The Undone lifestyle
Instagram Handle@harperandharley
Harper & Harley
Source: The Undone

Harper & Harley, also known as Sara Crampton’s fashion blogs, are fascinating, consisting of highly functional and elite dressing styles. Sara also founded the brand The Undone, which provides quite minimal yet beautiful and elegant clothes. 

If you’re someone who is more into minimal yet confident clothes, you must check out the Undone store. You will also find styling guides on her website, which can help when you have problems with what to wear. 

7. Hello Fashion

Fashion Blog By Christine Andrew
Website Link Hello Fashion
Instagram Handle@christineandrew
Hello Fashion
Source: Hello Fashion

The ultimate mom of four and a fashion enthusiast is very popular among fashion bloggers as she frequently gives new updates on new looks and styles. She also collaborates with brands such as The Drop and more. 

You will also find various gift guides on Hello Fashion, including clothes and accessories for your loved ones. 

Christine’s blogs will help you dress subtly, bringing more feminity into it. Additionally, the fashionista also talks about other things, such as life, travel, work, and more. 

8. My Fash Diary 

Fashion Blog By Tala Samman 
Website Link My Fash Diary
Instagram Handle@myfashdiary
My Fash Diary
Source: My Fash Diary

Tala Samman’s blogs encourage people to bring out their stylish side more and stop thinking about what others think of fashion. 

The fashionista writes her blog in detail and gives her personal experience about fashion, lifestyle, travel, food, and more via her website. Tala also features stories from other women around the world on her website. 

The fashion lover posts about her clothing range, discount offers, and blogs. She gives deep insights into the brand details and its usage. 

9. One Dapper Street

Fashion Blog By Marcel Floruss
Website Link One Dapper Street
Instagram Handle@marcelforuss
One Dapper Street
Source: One Dapper Street

Here comes the ultimate styling guide for men with Marcel Floruss’s teachings. The fashion bloggers will give you the best tips on styling, skincare, grooming, and real talk about mindfulness and its effects on well-being. 

Marcel gives men tips on how to blend various styles, accessories, and more. Get a detailed understanding of what suits you the best and what doesn’t on One Dapper Street. 

10. Grasie Mercedes 

Fashion Blog By Grasie Mercedes
Website Link Gracie Mercedes 
Instagram Handle@grasiemercedes
Grasie Mercedes
Source: Grasie Mercedes

The all-in-one star, Gracie Mercedes, is an actress, writer, storyteller, filmmaker, and podcast host. Along with her talents, she is also a fashion icon, as her blog consists of some stunning portraits of her diving into fashion. 

Gracie’s blog is quite diverse and includes her ongoing projects, social media handles, and more. You can check her style out as the blogger will give you an idea of how to wear clothes confidently. 

11. Song Of Style 

Fashion Blog By Aimee Song 
Website Link Song of Style Shop
Instagram Handle@aimeesong
Song Of Style
Source: Instagram

The fashion icon with an inbuilt, stylish personality, Aimee, started blogging in 2008 and gave people the idea that blogging could become a full-time job. 

Gradually, she grabbed the attention of many big brands and started working with them. Now, the blogger owns her styling brand, Song of Styles, which provides users with high-quality clothing. 

You can check out her Song of Styles clothing range by clicking here: Revolve.

12. The Blonde Salad

Fashion Blog By Chiara Ferragni 
Website Link The Blonde Salad 
Instagram Handle@chiaraferragni 
The Blonde Salad
Source: Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni is an Italian blogger who started blogging in 2009 and has garnered the attention of many brands via her blogs. Her blogs are quite realistic and cover aspects like fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and more. 

You can read Chiara’s website to understand what fashion is via her blogs and ultimate shopping guide. Check out Chiara Ferragni’s brand here: Chiara Ferragni 

13. Kayture

Fashion Blog By Kristina Bazan 
Website Link Kayture
Instagram Handle@kristinabazan
Source: Instagram

The charismatic blogger is also a singer, podcast host, and author. Kristina’s blogs focus on fashion, well-being, lifestyle, and more. The multifaceted star has also worked with many renowned brands, such as Thierry Mugler, Dior, L’oreal Paris, Cartier, and more.

Being one of the best fashion bloggers, Kristina has her Kayture Collection on the way. You can check out her social media for a gist of her alluring styling sense.  

14. What My Boyfriend Wore

Fashion Blog By Sergio Ines 
Website Link What My Boyfriend Wore
Instagram Handle@whatmyboyfriendwore
What My Boyfriend Wore
Source: What My Boyfriend Wore

What my boyfriend wore has come a long way. It started out as fun, with Sergio’s then-girlfriend posting videos of him getting dressed on social media to a full-time fashion blogger. 

You can check his social media or website as Sergio Ines gives tips on men’s fashion, lifestyles, nutrition, and more. 

15. We Wore What

Fashion Blog By Danielle Bernstein
Website Link We Wore What 
Instagram Handle@weworewhat
We Wore What
Source: We Wore What

Danielle Bernstein writes blogs on events, fashion,  lifestyles, and more. The fashion mogul also has her own We Wore What, providing users with all types of clothing, swimsuits, and accessories. 

You can check out her store and blog for day-to-day clothing that is simple yet classy and elegant. To check out her store, click here: WeWoreWhat Shop. 

16. Bryan Boy

Fashion Blog By Bryan Yambao 
Website Link Perfect Magazine
Instagram Handle@bryanboy
 Bryan Boy
Source: Instagram

Bryan Boy has been blogging since 2004 and is now a famous personality in the fashion world. The influencers post about fashion, new trends, and more via their social media and blogs. 

Currently, the fashion guru is an editor-in-chief at the Perfect magazine. You can check out his work about glam and fashion via Perfect Magazine

The fashionista also works with many top-notch brands such as Gucci, Prada, Dior, Maison Valentin,o and more. Also, he is always the front-row guest at many renowned fashion shows, making him a well-known, influential fashion blogger. 

17. In The Frow

Fashion Blog By Victoria Magrath
Website Link In The Frow
Instagram Handle@victoria
In The Frow
Source: In The Frow

The fashion blogger Victoria Magrath has a Ph.D. in fashion and has been blogging since 2012, which tells us why the blogger is such a fashion sensation. 

Check the luxury fashion creator blogs about fashion, lifestyles, new styles, skincare, makeup, jewelry, bags, the interior of houses, gift guides, and more. 

Moreover, You can also take a look at Victoria’s YouTube channel by clicking here: @VictoriaMagrat.h

18. Wendys Look Book 

Fashion Blog By Wendy Nguyen 
Website Link Wendy’s Look Book
Instagram Handle@wendyslookbook 
Wendys Look Book 
Source: Wendy’s Look Book

With Wendy’s epic beginning with Wendy’slookbook, the fashion lover truly has an inspirational story from foster care to fashionista. Wendy often blogs about travel, fashion, and lifestyle. 

Furthermore, Wendy’s Lookbook Foundation provides emergency help and resources to young adults, making the fashion mogul more inspirational. 

19. Glamazon Diaries

Fashion Blog By Makeda Saggau Sackey 
Website Link Glamazon Diaries
Instagram Handle@glamazondiaries
Glamazon Diaries
Source: Glamazon Diaries

Glamazon Diaries by Makeda Saggau-Sackey is a fashion influencer giving women the inspiration to wear any type of clothing without worrying about size, figure, or anything else at all. 

The fashion guru often blogs about clothes, accessories, and more. She also gives insights on various types of styling and provides her personal guides on her website. 

Makeda’s blog will provide you with the ultimate lessons on dressing up and lifestyle.

20. Fashion Steele NYC

Fashion Blog By Monroe Steele 
Website Link Fashion Steele NYC 
Instagram Handle@monroesteele
Fashion Steele NYC
Source: Fashion Steele NYC

Monroe quit being a Doctor in 2019 and started pursuing her career as a full-time blogger. With her immense love for fashion, the blogger started to come up with ideas and new creations. 

Monroe’s immaculate fashion sense led her to cover fashion weeks like Paris Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week. The Doctor-turned-blogger often covers lifestyle, travel, fashion, and life advice blogs.

21. Mia Mia Mine

Fashion Blog By Maria Vizuete
Website Link Mia Mia Mine 
Instagram Handle@miamiamine
Mia Mia Mine
Source: Mia Mia Mine

Mia Mia Mine is the go-to blog for fashion advice by Maria Vizuete. The former stock analyst turned blogger created her own fashion blog in 2012, advising women about styles and trends that look rich and are still affordable. 

Maria will give you insight on how to wear well-tailored and effortlessly stylish clothes. 

Importance Of Fashion Blogs

Do people still read fashion blogs in the world of videos taking over?

The short answer is —Yes. Fashion blogs are still relevant for fashion enthusiasts. Although the approach might have changed in 2024, people still love enjoy reading and exploring fashion blogs to stay updated with the latest trends, changes, and styles. 

Here are some more reasons why fashion blogs are important:

  • Fashion blogs give you the inspiration to wear clothes by styling them in different ways or adding accessories.
  • These blogs will help you find your style at a minimum or lower cost as well.
  • The reviews by fashion bloggers give you an understanding of a product’s quality and functionality.  
  • Fashion blogs encourage us to dress confidently at all times. 
  • Diverse fashion blogs open the space for more creativity with fashion, body types, sizes, colors, cultures, and so on. 

The Final Verdict: Atlantic – The Blonde Salad By Chiara Ferragni Is The Best Fashion Blog

It’s not easy to rock every outfit you wear, which is why these fashion bloggers bring their artistic skills to you to make you feel good and rock every outfit. 

Key Takeaways: Here are the Top 3 Fashion Bloggers I liked:

  • The Blonde Salad: Chiara Ferragni.
  • We Wore What: Danielle Bernstein. 
  • Song of Style: Aimee Song.

These top 3 fashion bloggers have made a mark in the fashion world with their impactful styling sense. Each of them has their own brands that provide users with top-quality clothing and accessories. 

So, create your own story by merging yourself into the world of fashion and starting with your own fashion blog. 


Which is the most popular fashion blog? 

Egg Canvas, Song of Style, Atlantic Ocean, The Fashion Guitar, We Wore What, and Bryan Boy are some of the most popular fashion blogs worldwide. 

How to find a fashion blogger? 

You can search for a specific fashion blogger via social media or give their description to Google using the words fashion bloggers or fashion influencers. Using words like fashion blogger will give you a list of the bloggers, and you have to select the one you are searching for. 

Which is the most famous fashion blogger?

Chiara Ferragni is an Italian blogger who is very famous and has around 29.3 Million followers on Instagram. The fashion influencer is very popular in the world of fashion due to her excellent blogging and extraordinary style sense. 

Do people read fashion blogs now? 

People still read blogs and will keep reading blogs. So, it’s safe to say that blogging is not dead and will keep evolving with time. 

Which are some of the most famous fashion journals?

Vogue, GQ Magazine, ELLE, Vanity Fair, and more are some of the most famous fashion journals. 

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