40% OFF CFI Coupon Code – 2024 Verified Discount

Corporate Finance Institute is the best place to understand valuation, financial modeling, and other financial topics. Here’s the working CFI coupon code to get access to CFI at a pocket-friendly price and get maximum discounts!

With these CFI Coupon Codes, you get up to 40% discount. 

This article will provide two active promo codes, steps to redeem the offers, and additional discount deals. I will also discuss the available subscription plans and what features you can access as per the plans you choose.

With that, let’s dive into the details!

Does CFI Offer Any Coupon Codes?

Get up to 40% discount by redeeming CFI coupon codes POWER20 and luv40. 

However, you must redeem the code as soon as possible, as it’s valid for a limited duration. 

Keep in mind that the 40% off is available for CFI’s ALL subscription plans, including:

Original RateDiscounted RateSavings
CFI Self-Study
(per year)
CFI Full-Immersion
(per year)
Teams Basic
(per year)
Teams Premium
(per year)

Likewise, the 20% OFF is available only on Individual Plans. Check it out below:

CFI Self-StudyCFI Full-Immersion
Original Rates$497$847
Discounted Rates$397.6$677.6

How To Redeem Your CFI Coupon Code?

You can only claim a CFI coupon code discount on the subscription if that does not offer an existing discount. With that, check out the steps below to claim your discount:-

Step 1: Head to the CFI official website or click on this link.

Step 2: Select your desired plan.

CFI- Select Your Plan
Source: CFI Official

Step 3: Enter your payment details.

CFI- Enter Your Payment Details
Source: CFI Official

Step 4: Scroll down and select “Have a Coupon?”

CFI- Select Have A Coupon
Source: CFI Official

Step 5: Paste your Coupon Code and claim the discount. 

CFI- Enter Your Coupon Code
Source: CFI Official

NOTE  – If your coupon code is not working, check out CFI’s official discounts! Their Individual Plan is available at a 40% discount! 

Subscription Plans + Additional Discounts

CFI offers two subscription plans: Individuals and Teams. The former has two sub-plans, which are CFI Self-Study and CFI Full-Immersion. Meanwhile, the latter has three sub-plans: Basic, Premium, and Unsure. 

If you are unsure about which plan to go for, you can contact their sales team and get a free consultation on which plan is better for you. Now, the question is, do you get any additional discount?

The platform essentially offers an official 40% discount on CFI Individual plans —

  • CFI Self-Study 
  • CFI Full-Immersion.

Thus, its discounted values are $298.20/ year and $508.20/ year. 

CFI Additional Discounts
Source: CFI Official

The platform also provides 24% OFF on the CFI Certification program, CFI Full Immersion. The original cost was $847. It then reduced to $647, saving you $200.

CFI Certification Program
Source: CFI Official

What Do You Get After Getting The CFI Membership?

Check out the respective features you get by subscribing to different Memberships:-

1. CFI Self Study

Following are the combined benefits of the subscription as well as the certification program:-

  • Blockchain-verified micro-credentials and Certifications
  • 100+ courses, six certifications, and nine specializations
  • Ready-to-use financial models and templates 
  • All 200+ on-demand courses, 5,000+ video lessons
  • Exclusive members-only online community
  • 300+ CPE/CPD credits to be earned
  • Quizzes, Assessments, and Case Studies

2. CFI Full-Immersion

CFI Full-Immersions offers all the features that CFI Self-Study offers. In addition, you get the following benefits:-

  • Exclusive access to Fin, CFI’s AI-powered chatbot integrated with your course experience
  • Premium career resources, including resume/CV and cover letter reviews
  • Exclusive Full-Immersion member deals
  • Exclusive access to Fin, CFI’s AI-powered chatbot integrated into your course experience
  • Resume/CV and cover letter reviews
  • FREE Macabacus Subscription ($300/year value)
  • Personalized financial model feedback
  • Ask an Expert: CFI’s one-on-one guidance
  • Exclusive Full-Immersion members-only deals
  • Personalized one-on-one guidance and financial model feedback
  • Complimentary Macabacus subscription ($300/year value)
  • Templates and Guides

3. Teams Basic

By subscribing to Teams Basics, you can get the following features:-

  • 200+ on-demand courses with 5,000+ lessons 
  • Premium email support
  • Role-based learning paths 
  • Management dashboard and reporting
  • Live platform orientation
  • Build your own learning paths

4. Teams Premium

Teams Premium offers all the Basics plan’s key features. Along with that, you can benefit from the following add-ons:-

  • Tailored learning paths designed by CFI Specialists 
  • Final Certification exams for FMVA®, CBCA®, CMSA®, BIDA®, FPWM™, FTIP™
  • Digital blockchain-verified Certificates 
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Dedicated Account Manager

5. Unsure – Consultation Call

During your free demo call with the CFI customer support team, you can ask them the following queries:-

  • CFI’s course offerings
  • Higher-ed partnerships
  • Intern Training and New Analyst Programs
  • SSO and LMS integrations
  • Cohort-based learning

Does CFI Offer A Free Trial?

There is no official free trial for CFI. However, the platform does offer an abundance of free courses and templates that you can access. Check out the details here.

Meanwhile, the following are some of the free programs that the platform offers:-

  • Introductions of Business Intelligence
  • Accounting Fundamentals
  • Fundamental of Credits
  • Reading Financial Statements
  • Corporate Finance Fundamentals
  • Excel Fundamental Formula
  • Capital IQ Fundamentals

Refund Policy Of CFI

In terms of subscriptions, including Individuals, Bundles, and Lifetime access – CFI does not offer any refund. So, when you cancel your subscription, you lose the course access and the features you could engage in. 

However, if you are a European citizen, you will get a 100% money-back guarantee. All you need to do is apply for your refund within 14 days of subscription. For more information, visit their official page.

Conclusion: Get Upto 40% Discount on Courses

Redeeming CFI coupon codes at the end of the checkout would give you 20-40% discounts! 

So, hurry up and sign up for CFI subscription plans before the limited offer expires!


Does CFI offer discounts?

CFI offers an official 40% discount on its Individual Plans. So, by subscribing to these plans, you save $198.8 and $338.8, respectively.

How do I get a CFI discount?

You can claim the CFI discount by either claiming the 20-40% promo code or the official 40% discount on Individual Plans.

How do I get a discount code?

You need to visit third-party websites to get the discount code. POWER20 and luv40 are two promo codes that offer 20 and 40 percent OFF, respectively.

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