Semrush 17% Discount 2024 → Official Coupon Code

If you are wondering, “How do I get a discount on Semrush?” I’m here to answer with an exclusive Semrush coupon.

I have teamed up with Semrush to bring you an exclusive link that will get you 14 days of Semrush along with a 17% discount offer, which is equivalent to $119.95 US dollars for free.

Semrush has the largest keyword database, with over 21 billion keywords globally. It is trusted by 7+ million users worldwide and has over 142 location-based databases; the tool can track over 820 million domains. Crazy, right?

You can get all these features for free!  Excited to know how? Just follow along; I have a step-by-step claiming guide below, along with a Pricing breakdown and feature overview.

Available Semrush Coupon Codes & Promo (2024)

You can save like 17% on Semrush Guru and Pro plan right away. Get the working codes; also, I have added a step-by-step guide to claim the Semrush Coupon offers.

In addition to the coupon offers, Semrush does offer a free trial, but only for 14 days and with limited features. It is not enough to experience the tool to its full potential. This is why I have partnered with Semrush to bring you guys an exclusive link that will unlock SEMrush’s Premium plan with all features unlocked for 14 days.

Let’s claim it, shall we?

How to Get Semrush 17% Discount (Step By Step)

Here’s the official Semrush Coupon which helps you save more than 17% on the both the plans.

Step #1. Visit the official website

I have made it easy for my readers. Simply click here, and you will get redirected to the Semrush official website.

Once you are there, click on the “Pricing” option situated right at the top bar.

 Semrush Official website

Step #2. Choose Your Plan

Semrush allows you to choose between three different plans. We recommend you go for the Guru Plan as the free trial works perfectly on it.

Click on “Try for free” beneath the Guru Plan to move to the next step.

 Semrush - Pricing

Step #3. Create a Semrush Account

You need to create a new Semrush account to claim this offer. Do not log in from your existing account, or the offer will be void.

It’s easy, enter your email address and password, and you are good to go.

Create a semrush account

Step #4. Verify Your Email

You should get a verification code on your new email id. Copy the code from there and paste it onto Semrush’s website.

Click on “Confirm mail” to move to the last step.

 Verify Your Email

Step #5. Checkout

You need to enter your credit card details and click on ‘Place my order” to checkout with your free Guru plan.

The credit card information is not to charge you right away, it is there for renewing your SEMRush Guru plan in case you wish to continue using Semrush after the free trial.

billing infomatin

Reasons to Choose My Semrush Coupon Code

It is the most up-to-date coupon code you will find on the internet.

Through my Exclusive Link, you will unlock a 30-day Semrush free trial worth $199.95 that you won’t find out if you visit their website normally.

Semrush Feature Overview

Leave the guesswork out of your SEO journey with Semrush. It has numerous features that let you grow your online business up the notch without compromising quality.

In this section, I’m overviewing some key Semrush features to help you guys understand the tool better.

1. Keyword Research Tools

Discover high-performing keywords to take your marketing strategy up a notch. You can filter these keywords based on their search volume, search intent, SERP, SEO difficulty, Cost Per Click, competition, typing variations, number of results, and more.

Keyword Overview tool

Get a list of thousands of keywords from one main keyword. Get Organic traffic insights and much more with the keyword research tool.

2. SEO

Through SEMrush’s SEO tools, you can run site audits and check its crawlability and overall health. SEMrush’s inbuilt website crawler lets you discover and fix your website issues with just a few clicks.

Semrush will also guide you on link building, copywriting, SERP features, and more.

3. SMM Features

Semrush has the ability to schedule posts for all major social media out there. Not just that, you can even get insights from your posts and see how they are performing. Semrush also allows you to design and publish ads on the Meta social media apps.

Social Media

4. Copywriting features

You can find blog topics and ideas to write about those blogs to make users resonate with your writing. Not just that, Semrush will also give a list of FAQs that you can include in your post.

You can even check your SEO score and content originality. Moreover, Semrush tracks your posts and shows you how you are performing with respect to your competition.

5. Link Building

Via Semrush, you get access to over 43 trillion backlinks. Hold up, wait for it, 43000000000000 backlinks guys! That’s crazy. You don’t have to reach out to low converting prospects anymore. Build your own Backlink profile.

6. Competitor Analysis

Through tools like traffic analytics, advertising research, organic research, and social media tracker, you can discover every aspect of your competitor. Use it to your advantage and make the most of it to gain an edge over them.

This list will go on, I’d recommend you to try SEMRush today to experience these above-mentioned features along with many others in their full glory.

Semrush Pricing Breakdown

Semrush has three plans to cater to all business needs of its users. I have broken the plans below so that you can make an informed decision while purchasing a plan.

Quick Tip: If you opt for a yearly subscription, you save up to 17% on the plans.

plan & pricing breck

1. Pro Plan

Cost – $119.95/month and $99.95/month for an annual subscription. 

** Get this plan for Free by clicking on this Exclusive Link **

Ideal for – New Marketers and in-house mini teams.

SEMrush Pro Plan Features:

Here are the pro plan features for SEMrush are as follow:

  • 5 projects
  • 500 keywords to track 
  • Keyword Analytics
  • Domain & backlink analytics
  • And much more.

2. Guru Plan

Cost – $229.95/month and $191.62/month for an annual subscription. 

** Get this plan for Free by clicking on this Exclusive Link **

Ideal for – SMEs, growing agencies, and marketing consultants.

SEMrush Guru Plan Features:

SEMrush Guru Plan Features are as follow:

  • 15 projects
  • 1500 keywords to track 
  • Keyword Analytics
  • Domain & backlink analytics
  • Historical data
  • A platform for content marketing.
  • Integration for Google Data Studio
  • Share of Voice metric
  • API Access
  • And much more.

3. Business Plan

Cost – 449.95/month and 374.95/month for an annual subscription. 

Ideal for – large agencies and enterprises.

SEMrush Business Plan Features are as follow:

  • 40 projects
  • 5000 keywords to track 
  • Keyword Analytics
  • Domain & backlink analytics
  • Historical data
  • A platform for content marketing.
  • Integration for Google Data Studio
  • And much more.

Conclusion: Save Big when you buy Annual Plan!

This is how you claim Semrush Coupon in 2024. My efforts in bringing the 14 days Semrush free trial to you guys are successful. Comment below if you have any questions regarding the free trial, I will be happy to answer them while I sip my tea.

Do I get a refund on Semrush?

Yes, you can get a full refund on Semrush because it offers 7 day of money-back guarantee. You need to submit the request by filling out its contact form, and they will refund your full refund.

How can I get a free Semrush trial?

Semrush offers 7 days of a free trial, but as we have broken a special deal with Semrush, you can get 30 days of a free trial using our special link.

Why am I charged as I enter my credit card?

Absolutely, they will charge you a very nominal fee to your credit card to check the validity of your card. As confirmed, they will return the amount immediately.

Can I upgrade or downgrade your plan?

You can easily downgrade or upgrade your subscription anytime when you want.

What mode of payment is accepted by Semrush?

Semrush accepts payment through Wire Transfer (On Request), Money Order, or Check (US Only), and all types of credit cards like Union Pay, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.

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