YouTube TV $50 OFF Promo Codes – March 2024

Considering the expensive plans, users cannot help but look for YouTube TV Promo Codes.

Are there any active YouTube TV discount codes that give a free trial or student discount? If you are wondering the same, keep reading! This article provides all the active YouTube TV codes that you can redeem. 

We have also covered tips and other discounts available on YouTube TV that you can check out. 

Active YouTube TV Promo Codes (March 2024)

YouTube TV does not offer any official promo codes to give a discount on their service. 

However, some third-party platforms offer active YouTube TV Promo Codes — verified and unverified. By redeeming these promo codes, you can receive a free trial, $50 OFF on YouTube TV’s English subscription plan, and $22 to $50 OFF on the first three months of subscription.

So, let’s check out YouTube TV’s active promo code:-

Active CodesBenefitExpiry DateVerified
r08w09d13ihp5g$50 OFF on YouTube TV’s English subscription plan + free trial for the new sign-ups.27 March 2024✔️
r26fu1xnrw3hucExtra $50 OFF on the first Month.25 March 2024
r0jfcnpf9glpce$50 OFF + $22 OFF for the first three months of the Base Plan — only for new sign-ups.29 March 2024
r1al27unwpf1ug$15 OFF in case of a new subscription.28 June 2024
r0n4cxyep4ktgz$50 OFF for the first three months.22 January 2024

Note that – Most of these offers are only valid for new YouTube TV users. 

How To Redeem YouTube TV Promo Code?

Check out the detailed guide to redeem your YouTube TV Promo codes:-

Step 1: Click on this link.

Step 2: Then select “Try it for free.”

Select Try It For Free

Step 3: Sign up with your Google account.

Sign Up with Your Google Account

Step 4: Enter the ZIP code in the blank space. 

Enter The ZIP Code

Step 5: Now, select the rightward-pointing blue arrow.

Select The Rightward-Pointing Blue Arrow

Step 6: Click on the “Start a Free Trial.”

Click On The Start Free Trial

Step 7: Pick your preferred Subscription Plan for the YouTube TV.

Pick Your Subscription Plan

Step 8: Click on the plus sign next to “Have a Promo Code?”

Click On The Plus Sign

Step 9: Paste your promo code in the blank space. 

Paste Your Promo Code

Step 10: Select the “Next” button at the bottom right. 

Select The Next Button

Step 11: Click on the blue “Check out” button that you will locate at the bottom-right corner.

Click On The Check out

Step 10: Enter your payment details. 

Enter Your Payment Details

Step 11: Finally, click on the “Start Membership.”

Click On The Start Membership

Can You Try YouTube TV For Free?

YouTube TV officially offers two free trials upon purchasing either one of its subscription plans. For instance, if you opt for the Base Plan, you get the $72.99 monthly subscription for $62.99 for the first three months. 

In addition, you get a 10-day free trial. Therefore, you are getting a free demo and $30 OFF!

Likewise, if you opt for the Spanish Membership, which is $32.99 monthly, you receive a 7-day free trial. Moreover, YouTube TV offers an unofficial 30-day free trial by getting a 4K Plus add-on — at a discounted rate of $4.99 per Month for 12 Months. 

You can check out the simplified free trial details in the table below:-

Free TrialConditionSavings/ Discount
7 DaysSpanish SubscriptionNone
10 DaysBase Subscription
(also known as English Subscription) 
$30 OFF for the first three months.
30 Days4k Plus Ad-On$5 OFF

For more information on YouTube TV Free Trial, head to my article.

Is YouTube TV Student Discount Available?

There is no record on YouTube TV offering any student Discount. 

However, students can benefit from the platform’s Premium service, which only costs $7.99/Month. In addition, you get a one-month free trial and pay the discounted rate after that. 

Note: YouTube requires you to verify your student status every year.

Tips To Save More On YouTube TV

Check out my top five tips for saving on YouTube TV subscriptions:-

1. Channel Evaluation

Most TV channels come with channel-to-channel subscription plans – while some are bundle offers, some popular ones are individual. More often than ever, we pay for channels we do not even watch. 

What you can do instead is double-check the channels you steam daily. Are they worth the bundled price? If you are paying $25 for five channels, out of which you are just watching one channel, rather pay $5 for that one channel individually. 

You can reduce unnecessary spending and only invest in productive channels.

2. Sharing With Friends and Family

The best way to save a hefty amount is by purchasing one subscription plan and dividing costs between 6 households. This way, instead of one person paying $72.99 monthly, the cost gets reduced to $12.16/Month. 

3. Downgrading The Unnecessary Ad-Ons

While subscribing to YouTube TV, we add unnecessary ad-ons, thinking we are getting a discount. However, if you calculate rationally, the add-on sometimes increases the cost you would have paid while only getting the YouTube TV subscription. 

Most times, you need to watch the add-on content. Ask yourself, do you need 4K streaming? Watching the content on regular HD serves the purpose just enough.

Once you evaluate these points, you can save a good chunk on YouTube TV.

4. Opting For Bundle Offers

Check out your internet service plans. For example, the 3-month internet plan that I use gives me free access to certain streaming platforms. So, instead of paying for recharge every Month, especially when you know the Internet is necessary, you can pay for months. 

This way, if YouTube TV has a tie-up with any Internet Provider, you can use the service for free.

5. Free Trials And Promo Codes

Lastly, it’s a no-brainer. Accessing YouTube TV with the help of a seven to thirty days free trial or even redeeming promo codes will save you a ton on the expensive plans.

What’s Included With YouTube TV?

Check out the YouTube TV key features in the pointers below:-

  • Access to Live Broadcast Networks and its Ad-on.
  • Access to Live Sports and Unlimited DVR Space.
  • Access to the six accounts – FAMILY – at the price of one.
  • On-Demand Titles – 1000+
  • Depending on your subscription plans, you can access over 34 or 127 channels.
  • Access to in-demand Premium and Cable networks — (HBO, Paramount, 4K Plus, Starz, NBA Legal Pass, MAX, and eight more services. Refer to this link for more insights).

YouTube TV Pricing & Plans 

As discussed earlier, YouTube TV has two subscription Plans: Base and Spanish. Both plans offer Unlimited DVR Space, over 1000 on-demand titles, and 6 Accounts per household. 

You can check out the respective prices and additional benefits in the table below:-

Base PlanSpanish Plan
Price$72.99 per Month$32.99 per Month
Available Discount$10 OFF for three Months – aka. $30 savings.None
Additional BenefitOver 127 ChannelsOver 34 Channels

YouTube TV Refund Policy

YouTube TV does not offer any money-back guarantee or refund policy.

However, when you cancel your membership in the middle of your subscription, you can access YouTube’s service until the end of your billing period. 

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Conclusion: Save $50 on YouTube TV

You can redeem the active YouTube Promo Codes above for $50 OFF for the first three months. 

Additionally, YouTube TV offers a free demo period for seven days, ten days, and thirty days — all of it depends on subscribing to Base Plan, Spanish Plan, and 4k Plus ad-on, respectively. 

We keep this page updated with the latest active YouTube TV promo codes. If any of them is not working, you can check out soon!


Can I get a discount for YouTube TV?

First-time sign-ups get $50 + $22 OFF on the three months of their YouTube TV subscription. You also get $30 OFF for the first three months of subscribing to YouTube TV’s Spanish Plan.

How to get three months of free YouTube TV?

YouTube TV does not offer any 3-month free trial as of now. The most free trial you get is 30 days, which is by adding on $4.99/ month, 4K Plus. 

How much is YouTube TV a month?

If you opt for the English Subscription Plan, YouTube TV costs $72.99 ($10 off for the first three months). However, if you subscribe to the Spanish Plan, then it costs you $32.99/Month.

What is the YouTube TV promo code for getting a 30-day free trial?

No active promo code gives you a 30-day YouTube TV free trial. However, you can get a $4.99 4K Plus add-on instead.

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