How to Become an Amazon Reviewer (2024 Beginners Guide)

Let’s face it: Amazon is the world of online shopping, and its reviews influence nearly every purchase decision we make. 

Whether you’re a tech geek or a homebody passionate about kitchenware, you’ve likely relied on reviews to guide your choices. But have you ever thought about being the voice behind those reviews? 

It can be a fun and informative way to share your expertise and lead to some extraordinary perks, including free products and even earning an income.

I have spent weeks researching the ins and outs of becoming an Amazon reviewer, and I’m here to share my findings in two key takeaways:

  1. Anyone with an Amazon account can start reviewing today!
  2. From free products to affiliate commissions, there are multiple benefits to becoming an Amazon reviewer.

Let’s decode the world of Amazon reviews!

Understanding Amazon Reviews

Imagine strolling through a store with no helpful salespeople or friendly peers to guide you. That’s what online shopping can feel like without reviews. They bridge the gap between product descriptions and real-world experiences, influencing:

Buyer Decisions:

Reviews make or break a product’s reputation. Positive reviews boost trust and sales, while negative ones can send customers running.

Therefore, it’s essential to be honest while giving feedback about a product – considering you are not just sharing your opinion but also influencing the success rate of the purchase. 

Seller Rankings:

Amazon’s algorithms heavily factor in reviews when ranking products. High-quality reviews can propel a product to the top, increasing visibility and sales.

For example, when a product gets 80% of positive reviews, Amazon places it at the top compared to a competitor that could be better quality. It further helps viewers understand which product is cost-effective.

How do you become an Amazon tester at Home?

Programs like Amazon Vines and Review Sites offer opportunities to test products at home. Here, Research and apply to those that align with your interests and product preferences.

Remember, becoming a successful Amazon reviewer requires dedication, honesty, and a passion for sharing your opinions. By following these tips and exploring the available opportunities, you contribute to a valuable community while reaping some rewarding benefits!

Amazon Reviewer Program: Breakdown

There are four sub-programs that fall under the Amazon Reviewer Program. So, let’s go through each way to earn money on Amazon:-

1. The Amazon Vine Program – Invite-Only: Earn Free Products

The Amazon Vine Program
Source: Amazon Vine

The program sought out Amazon reviews with top ratings and approached the users to join Amazon Vine. Here, they receive free products to test out and write a compelling review that would convert into sales.

Keep in mind that the Amazon Vine Program is invite-only unpaid. So, reviewers do not get paid for the products they review. Instead, they receive free products to promote.

So, to participate in it, you must drop helpful reviews and hope for better ratings. 

When your reviews are consistently high-rated, your chances of getting invited by the Amazon Vine Program are much higher!

2. Amazon Review Sites

Amazon Review Sites
Source: Rebraid

As discussed in the introduction, one recognized thing about Amazon is its reviews. Most customers prefer purchasing high-rated products with proper feedback rather than ones with no interactions.

Considering the increasing number of sellers in e-commerce companies, new sellers fall short compared to the established ones. 

This is why Amazon Review Sites is a program that bridges the gap between sellers and customers looking to get the product for free in exchange for a good review. Some of the best sites are Rebaid, Snagshout, and Vipon. 

So, check out the Steps to further participate in the program:-

# Step 1: Join either of the sites mentioned above for free.

# Step 2: Add your desired product to the Cart.

# Step 3: Check out and wait for your delivery!

3. Amazon Associates Program: Earn Up To 20% Commission

Most of us are aware of Affiliate Marketing, which is part of the Amazon Associates Program. 

Amazon Associates Program
Source: Amazon Associates Program

For those unaware, creators/marketers promote a product or service by offering a unique link that tracks sales generated from them. 

So, depending on the fixed commission rate of the product, the amount of sales you are successful in making further defines your revenue. 

For example, let’s assume you are writing a blog on the 11 best YouTube affiliate programs and end up listing programs you are particularly affiliated with. Every time someone purchases the program through your link, you earn the pre-set commission. 

Check out the qualification criteria: Minimum 500 organic subscribers /followers on either TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 

Let’s take a look at the top product categories with fixed commission rates:-

Product CategoryFixed Commission
Beauty & Skincare10%
Books, Kitchen, and Automotive4.5%
Clothes, accessories, Fire TV devices4%

4. The Amazon Influencer Program: Earn Up To $25 Per Sale

Amazon Influencer Program offers comparatively more tools to promote compared to the Affiliate Program. In fact, Influencers do not have fixed criteria for their follower count here. Instead, the only eligibility criteria they have is:-

The Amazon Influencer Program
Source: Amazon Influencer Program
  • Having either a TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter public account
  • The engagement rate should be above 40%, approximately

In addition, the Amazon Influencer Program requires you to sell Affiliate programs, too. Further, Amazon would pay you on the basis of the fixed commission rate and Bounty rate. 

Check out a few ways to earn as an Amazon Influencer:-

  • Bounty Programs
  • Affiliate Links
  • Storefront
  • Review Videos
  • Shoppable Photo
  • Idealist
  • Amazon Live

Become an Amazon Product Tester at Home: (Step-by-Step Guide for 2024)

Check out my thorough guide to becoming an Amazon Reviewer, and start receiving free products or maximum commission:-

# Step 1: Make sure your TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram have at least 500 followers/ subscribers. (In case of using the Affiliate or Influencer Program.)

# Step 2: Now, log in to your Amazon account.

# Step 3: Explore the products in your area of interest. 

# Step 4: Start writing product reviews by highlighting their positives and negatives.

# Step 5: Be transparent in your feedback, yet do not overly criticize a brand or competitor.

# Step 6: Add screenshots or videos in your review that show you have tested the product.

# Step 7: Interact with the comments and queries – answer their concerns.

# Step 8: Once your review is popular and features a top-rated category, regularly check your emails from the Amazon Vine Program.

# Step 9: Finally, you would receive free products in exchange for converting reviews.

Tips To Write Ethical Yet Compelling Reviews

Always remember that reviews can make or break a sale! This is why it’s crucial to promote a service by keeping the following pointers in mind:-

  • Readers can easily tell when feedback is sugarcoated or utterly dishonest, which is the easiest way to get discredited as an “unbiased reviewer.” That’s why you must give honest, responsible, and positive feedback. 
  • Let’s say you receive a product you have difficulty understanding. In that case, you can write, “better for users with advanced knowledge of the subject.”
  • Avoid ranting about your experience. Readers are not looking for your emotional stimulation but rather factual information that would be beneficial or a disadvantage. 
  • State all pros and cons, and elaborate on which user would benefit from which feature. My best tip is to give backhanded compliments to the cons. 
  • Be straight to the point. 
  • Avoid getting too personal or overly critical. 
  • Lastly, be respectful!

Legal And Tax Considerations

We have grown up listening not to trust free or ultra-cheap products as they might have legal consequences. So, let’s check out some of those pointers:-

  • Income Report: Report the fair market value of the product you received during taxes.
  • Maintain records: Keep an extra copy of your product description, market value, and the date you received the product – as it would be handy while paying taxes. 
  • Consult Professional: Tax implications vary from product to a specific situation. So, seeking immediate professional help is always better if you find yourself in hot water. 
  • Disclosure: Some products require you to state in the review that you received them for free. So, in that case, re-read your NDA thoroughly.
  • Copyright and Trademark: Make sure you are not using any copy-righted/ trademarked materials while submitting your review.
  • Warranty: When you receive a product for review, the warranty policy differs from the regular product for purchase. So, verifying the special policies before accepting the Amazon Reviewer role is better.

Navigating Amazon’s Review Policies

Amazon Review Policies are constantly evolving. So, keep up with its updates to avoid exposure to legal issues. On that note, check out the basic pointers to navigate through Amazon Review Policies:-

  • Focus on the service/ product you are selling rather than the Brand.
  • Avoid claiming statements without proper sources
  • Do not take personal jabs at your competitors
  • Do not manipulate your readers to purchase your product
  • Maintain integrity in your review
  • Make it readable/ use easy-to-understand language

Advanced Strategies For Amazon Reviewers

The market for Amazon Reviewers is quite tight these days. So, to stand out and present your selling skills as “extraordinary,” you must practice the following strategies:-

  • Choose a niche of expertise, and keep honing your skills.
  • Provide consistent, helpful content that is clearly worded and focused on details.
  • Interact with your comments, and try to answer their queries.
  • Share your reviews on social media or personal websites.
  • Research reliable and top-rated platforms to drop reviews on. 
  • Actively Research about products and services that you are interested in. 
  • Ensure you personalize your Amazon Reviewer job application to the necessary product or platform requirements. 
  • Proofread your review before submitting. Make sure your content has no errors.
  • Stay updated on Amazon Reviewer policies.

Real-Time Testimonials: Reddit

We have talked enough about the Amazon Reviewers programs and some strategies for better promotions and earning more. 

So, let’s switch gears and go through experiences of real-time testimonials from Reddit:-

Source: Reddit

A deleted user from Reddit shared their few years of experience with the Amazon Reviewers program. While sharing their bittersweet experience, the Redditor wrote:

Only order what you feel you can review. I got a super order, which was fun but hard to keep up with. I also ordered some things that were just plain hard to write about, making the process feel like a second full-time job.

The post contains a series of pointers that Redditors wished they had known before joining the program:

  • Stay under $600/ year if you want to avoid stress about paying taxes.
  • To avoid consequences, you must deal with your order issues independently. 
  • There are no warranties, exchanges, or returns. So, in case you accidentally damage the product, you still need to report the generated sale of that product. 

For more insights, you can go through the attached screenshot below:-

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Conclusion: 4 Programs To Become An Amazon Reviewer

You can only become a successful Amazon Reviewer by writing consistent, honest, precise, and helpful reviews. This elevates your reviews into a top-rated category and helps you get an email from an invite-only program. 

Speaking of which, check out the four Amazon Reviewer Programs to start your Reviewer journey with:-

  1. The Amazon Review Program: Invite-only – you would get free products to review instead of revenue.
  2. The Amazon Influencer Program: Earn up to $25 per sale.
  3. Amazon Associate Program: Earn up to a 20% commission rate.
  4. Amazon Review Sites: Connects Customers With Brands That Are Selling Free or Discounted Products In Exchange of Reviews. 

You can try the suggested programs and share your experience in the comments. 

In case of any queries, my team will get back to you as soon as possible. Happy reviewing!


How much does Amazon pay to be a reviewer?

Programs like Amazon Influencers and Amazon Associates have fixed Commision and Bounty rates, as per which Amazon pays Reviewers. However, when it comes to the Invite-only programs, instead of money, you get free products. 

Can anyone be an Amazon reviewer?

You can be an Amazon Reviewer if you have a valid Amazon Account. Though, Amazon Vine is an Invite-Only program. So, to get an email from them, you must submit consistent, helpful reviews that are top-rated and well-interacted by other customers.

Can I get paid to review Amazon products?

You can get paid to review Amazon products – as programs like Amazon Associate and Amazon Influencer Programs pay you a fixed amount of money defined per product’s foxed commission or Bounty rate.

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