How Much Does Facebook Reels Pay Per 1000 Views?

If you have just started creating Reels on Facebook, you must be curious about things like how much Facebook Reels pay per 1,000 views and how you can maximize your earnings through reels.

As it turns out, calculating actual earnings from Reels is tricky because many factors influence the payments. Well, I will help you untangle this mystery in this blog!

From the process of monetizing reels and factors influencing the pay rates to tips to maximize earnings—I will tell you everything you should know about earning through Facebook Reels. 

So, let’s get into the details and explore the vast pool of Facebook Reel monetization!

How Much Does Facebook Reels Pay Per 1000 Views?

While there is no fixed formula to calculate the earnings, the pay rates range from $4–$20 per 1,000 views. However, the earnings may fluctuate and vary based on the engagement level, audience demographics, etc. 

As of February 2024, you can earn money through your Facebook reels in one of the following ways:

  • Ads on Reels
  • Stars
  • Branded content

The Ads on Reels model offers the highest earning potential among the different methods. While this model has been around since early 2022, Facebook updated it to a performance-based model in May 2023. 

The payout primarily depends on the performance of your reels, i.e., the number of plays your reels get.

On the other hand, Stars let you earn money directly from your fans. Fans can gift you stars on your reels and live streams, each worth 0.01 USD. You can withdraw your earnings through stars once you accumulate 10,000 (worth $100) of them.

If you are the admin or owner of a Facebook page, you can use the Brand Collabs Manager to participate in paid partnerships with brands. You can post content created around the brand’s guidelines and tag the brand in the reel. 

The brand pays you and gets access to the reel’s analytics. Know more about Branded Content here.

Due to such multiple payment models, your total earnings via reels can vary due to several factors like engagement, audience location, and ad revenue. 

However, until March 2023, Facebook offered a much more lucrative earning model in the form of the Reels Play Bonus program.

How Did The Facebook Reels Play Bonus Program Work?

The Reels Play Bonus program paid creators based on the performance of their reels, offering them the opportunity to earn as much as $35,000 per month!

It was available to creators on an invite-only basis and let them earn money by hitting certain performance targets, such as 1,000 views, in 30 days.

The rules were simple: Create original, engaging content and earn money based on the number of plays your reels get. Bonuses were calculated on a monthly basis (30-31 days), and payouts were released once the accumulated bonus reached $25.

While some creators reported earning $154 from 37,000 views (=$4.4 per 1,000 views), others could even rack up about $30,000 in a month at the rate of $0.73 per 1,000 views!

Alas, Facebook wrapped up this program and stopped extending invitations starting March 9, 2023. Therefore, we will only discuss payments from Ads on Reels for the rest of this blog.

Know More: About Reels Play Bonus Programme 

Facebook Reels Pay Per 1000 Views: Country-Based Calculation

As I mentioned earlier, the payout rates from Facebook Reels depend on several factors that may not be in your control. Location is one such factor.

The average earnings per 1,000 views from reels can vary from one region to another. For example, creators based outside the US tend to earn more than those based in Asian countries. Here’s a comparison between the average pay rates in the US and the UK:

CountryPay Per 1,000 Views 

However, the earnings also depend on the viewers’ location, so a precise country-based comparison is difficult.

How Much Do You Get Paid For Facebook Reels (Overall Look)

Facebook’s May 2023 announcement mentioned that the payment of Ads on Reels will be based on the number of plays the reels get. 

While this model sounds similar to the Reels Play Bonus program, earnings potential under the model is much less.

However, to give you some idea about how payments can vary with the number of views, let me show you some data regarding the payments received by some creators under the Reels Play Bonus program:

CreatorEarningsViewsPay Per 1,000 Views
Creator 1$20647,250$4.4
Creator 2$29,45240,267,817$0.7
Creator 3$747342,644$2.2

The earnings from the current model are comparatively less than these numbers, but they vary similarly to the view count.

How Does Facebook Reels Payment Work?

The payment from Facebook Reels Ads is calculated using the number of plays your reels receive. The reason behind this calculation is simple. A more popular reel corresponds to more views on the ads placed on the reel. 

So, the more people view the reel, the more views the ads get, and the more revenue they bring to your table!

Advertisers pay a certain amount of money to Facebook for every 1,000 views their ad gets. This amount is called the CPM or Cost Per Mille (meaning “cost per thousand”).

CPM can vary dramatically across advertising campaigns due to factors like – industry, target audience, competition, ad format, and campaign goals. For reference, a Statista report from March 2023 shows that the CPM for Technology ads on Facebook was $9.98, while that for Food industry ads was $2.6.  

The more CPM advertisers pay to Facebook, the more ad revenue you receive from Facebook per 1,000 views!

However, the CPM is just one factor influencing your ad earnings via reels. Your earnings also directly depend on the location of your viewers, engagement on the reels, and other factors. I will talk about these factors in detail in a while.

Facebook Reels Monetization Eligibility

Ads constitute the most important payout model on Facebook right now. So, let me tell you how you can become eligible to use this tool to earn money through your reels.

First things first, you can use ads on your reels only using a page or professional account and only if you are 18 or older. You can then become eligible for placing ads on your reels in one of two ways:

  1. By becoming eligible for in-stream ads for videos on demand.
  2. On receiving an invitation.

You must also satisfy the following conditions to use in-stream ads on videos on-demand:

  • Have at least 5,000 followers
  • Have at least 60,000 view minutes in the last 60 days
  • Have at least five active videos (excluding cross-posted videos)

Now, here is the interesting part. In-stream ads do not appear for reels but longer videos that are at least 60 seconds long. Nevertheless, if you satisfy the above conditions from your page or professional account, ads automatically appear on your reels by default.

That said, Facebook can also invite you to use ads on reels, even if you don’t satisfy the above conditions. In such cases, you can immediately start embedding ads on your reels.

NOTE: Ads on Reels were available in 58 countries/territories at the time of writing this blog. You can find the updated list of eligible countries/territories here.

How Can You Monetize Facebook Reels?

If you have received an invitation to join the Ads on Reels program or fulfill the eligibility criteria to use in-stream ads for video on demand, Facebook automatically adds you to the Ads on Reels program. 

Here are the steps to check if ads are available for you on the Facebook mobile app:

  1. Sign into your professional account on the app.
  1. Go to your profile section by tapping your profile thumbnail in the upper-left corner of the Home tab.
  1. Tap on the See Dashboard button below your name. This button will take you to the Professional dashboard screen.

(If you have a page, you can go to the page and tap on the View tools button to go to the Professional dashboard.)

How Much Does Facebook Reels Pay Per 1,000 Views - See Dashsboard
Source: About Meta
  1. Scroll down to the Tools subhead and select Monetization
  1. You will see the Ads on Reels option under Your Tools if you are eligible. If you are eligible, select the “Set up” button and get going with your Facebook monetization journey!
Ads on Reels
Source: About Meta

You can tap the Ads on Reels option to view your earnings from the last 28 days. If you haven’t added your payout account, you will see the option to do that on this screen. 

Sneak Peak Into Ads On Reels:

Two kinds of ads are available on reels: Overlay ads and Post-loop ads.

  1. Overlay ads: These ads come in two formats—Banner ads and Sticker ads— and appear while a reel is playing.
Overlay ads
Source: About Meta
  1. Post-loop ads: These are full-screen ads that appear after a reel has looped twice.
Post-loop ads
Source: facebook

Banner ads appear as semi-transparent overlays at the bottom of a reel, while sticker ads appear as little stickers over the reel at your desired position. 

You can adjust a sticker frame’s position on the editing screen of a reel. Tap the Stickers icon on the list of icons on the right side, then select Ads. Drag the sticker to the desired position and continue the other steps as usual.

Factors Influencing Facebook Reels Payment Rates

As mentioned earlier, the payment rate for ads depends on various demographic and technical factors. Now, it’s time to discuss these factors in detail and understand how they affect payment rates.

Region Of Viewership:

The location of your viewers directly influences your ad revenue from reels. This is because of the mechanism on which ads work.

The ad revenue you receive per 1,000 views partly depends on the CPM the advertisers pay Facebook for these ads. And since CPM rates vary with location, having a target audience in a high-CPM location means more earnings for you as a creator.

Engagement On The Reels:

The more likes, comments, and shares you receive on your reels, the more popular your reels will be and the wider your online presence. Here is another great reason to strive for higher engagement—more earnings!

Facebook boosts reels that get more engagement, leading to an even wider reach and more views. More views correspond to more ad views and, ultimately, more earnings.

Examples Of Earnings From Facebook Reels

Facebook Reels have allowed creators to earn a good deal of money. In the past, creators have reported their earnings from their Facebook reels under the Reels Play Bonus program. 

Let’s look at a few examples. 

Creator Kaitlin Sondae showed how she earned as much as $747 from 342,644 plays in just 3 days. This equates to a pay rate of $2 per 1,000 views.

Another creator named Dorian disclosed his Facebook Reels earnings through a YouTube video, revealing how he could earn a whopping $29,452 from 40 million plays in 22 days. While the pay per 1,000 comes out to be $0.73 in this case, the gross earnings are anything but trivial!

Similarly, several creators have earned at different rates from Facebook Reels. It all boils down to the underlying factors we just discussed.

Tips To Maximize Earnings On Facebook Reels

Look at the following statistics and facts:

  • According to a study from SocialInsider, reels enjoy the highest engagement rate—0.22% per post—across various post categories on Facebook.
  • According to another report from, the potential reach of Ads on Reels is a whopping 697.1 million.

These figures give a good idea of the tremendous potential reels hold. And since Facebook pays you based on the performance of reels, you must work on improving your reels’ performance to maximize your earnings. Here are a few tips to do that:

1. Create Engaging And Relatable Content:

If you want your reels to perform well, you must ensure your viewers relate to you in a memorable way.

You can be funny, sarcastic, satirical, or serious. You can create informative DIY views or funny lip-syncing videos; talk about gaming or gardening. 

Whatever you do, be yourself and create high-quality content that stands out!

 Create Engaging And Relatable Content
Source: About Meta

2. Use Trending Hashtags:

Using hashtags is an amazing way to boost your reel’s performance. Use hashtags that are currently trending AND are relevant to your content. 

Avoid using generic hashtags and go for targeted ones instead. For example, if your real goal is about making gelato at home, include #gelatorecipe rather than just #recipe or #food.

3. Interact With Your Viewers: 

The overall performance of your reels depends on engagement, which can’t happen properly unless you interact with your viewers. So, try to reply to all comments and DMs if possible. 

If there are too many of them, try your best to interact with as many of them as possible by replying or liking.

4. Collaborate With Fellow Creators:

Collaborations are a great way to widen your viewer base with the help of fellow creators. You can create reels with other creators and post them from both accounts. This way, you can attract new followers who already follow the other creator.

5. Be Consistent: 

None of these tips will work if your enthusiasm vanishes after a few days. Remember that content creation is a long-term game, and you must show up consistently to create a real presence. 

In other words, keep creating high-quality reels, interacting with your viewers, and being active on the platform.

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Conclusion: Facebook Pays $4–$10 Per 1000 Views

Facebook Reels offer a great money-making opportunity to creators. They let you earn via ads, stars, and sponsorships. 

However, estimating the exact pay rate per 1,000 views is tricky since your total earnings depend on factors like– audience location, engagement rate, and ad revenue.

Nevertheless, reels are a promising way to earn money if you can create high-quality, engaging videos that your viewers love. 

So, hop on the ship of Facebook Reels and sail through the waters of content creation if it’s your calling. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

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