YouTube Unsubscribe Glitch: Everything You Need To Know

The YouTube Unsub Glitch still remains a topic of discussion. There was a glitch where the YouTubers lost 2 subscribers for the price of 1 subscriber, which made their subscriber count tremendously low. 

YouTube did accept that there had been some issues by issuing a statement on X (Twitter)  and was working to resolve the issue without tampering with anyone’s data.

I went through all the YouTube and recorded live streams during the time of this unsub glitch to provide you with accurate information. To learn more about this YouTube unsub glitch in detail, keep reading this article to know what exactly the unsub glitch is. 

What Is the YouTube Unsubscribe Glitch?

It is a Glitch where YouTubers lost subscribers drastically in a short span of time. This unsub glitch panicked the creators when subtracting 1 subscriber, which was equivalent to subtracting 2 users. 

Losing thousands of subscribers is worrisome for content creators. As YouTube is the livelihood of many of its creators. 

BlackScreenTV was the YouTuber who discovered this glitch while live streaming and went into negative meaning from thousands of subscribers to zero. 

BlackScreenTV, iDubbbzTV, and Tana Monogeau are famous YouTubers whose live count of subscribers dropped due to the glitch.  

BlackScreenTV, iDubbbzTV, and Tana Monogeau Unsub Glitch

YouTube Acknowledged The bug! 

Finally, the bug was exposed on 8 February 2017, and YouTube even acknowledged it by tweeting on X (Twitter), which was surprising. Many YouTubers faced these errors and were in a state of panic. 

YouTube, at last, tweeted about the issue and started to fix this bug. They tweeted this on the 9th of February 2017,  saying that we are working towards fixing it.

They also assured the users that their data would be safe and they would recover and fix the changes in the number to its original display number. 

If you are more curious about the details, please check the image below: 

YouTube Acknowledged The Bug

YouTube Unsubscribe Glitch Solved By YouTube

YouTube could not resolve the issue immediately, which made the creators frustrated and worried.  

However, they solved this issue, but still, due to its sudden impact, it caused a lot of chaos as it was the biggest glitch in YouTube History. All the channels got their original number of subscribers back without any loss. 

Even though the glitch was resolved, some of the visual glitches were still present. Some YouTubers faced these visual glitches. Some YouTubers still insisted that there were some errors, like a lower view count and lost subs as well.

How Did It Affect The YouTubers?

Lots of YouTubers were in a state of shock due to this bug. YouTube is also a livelihood to many users, and such things matter. The number of subscribers directly impacts your views and further viewer engagement with their content, which is further used to earn money. 

A statement by famous YouTuber –PewDiePie

“This is not just about me, it’s about smaller and larger channels that are being affected. And the direction it’s heading is very concerning for the future on this platform.” 
- Felix Kjellberg, Pewdiepie. 

These issues also mostly made the creators question whether the platform was even authentic and credible for its users. 

Also, another issue faced by YouTubers is that they experienced fewer views in their videos than they would normally get. With unnatural ups and downs with their subscriber numbers, to which YouTube didn’t respond. 

There are a lot of conspiracy theories on YouTube regarding this unsub glitch, one of them saying that the YouTube system got hacked and the authorities didn’t care to fix it ASAP. 

Again, these are just conspiracy theories and nothing else. 

For more details, check out this YouTube video: 

YouTube Subscribe Count Sites Were Affected!

Social Blade is a statistics website that works as a third-party API to provide you with details of YouTube data by tracking it through YouTube’s public API. 

Sites like Social Blade that give a live and running count of subscribers also displayed the glitched number of subscribers. This made users question whether these results were fake or real.

The glitch was later fixed, which also made the number of Social Blade subs and similar sites return to their original number. So, the panic was over once the subs went to their original state. 

Conclusion: The YouTube Unsubscribe Glitch

The biggest glitch in history, the YouTube unsub glitch, was eventually solved by YouTube, but it took some time. Many users were stressed out due to such errors that made them lose their subs, which went back to their original count after the errors were resolved. 

I reviewed all the videos and live streams of YouTubers who were losing subs and wrote this article. However, YouTube took care of the damage it did. In case you are facing similar issues, it’s best to contact YouTube and report your problems. 


Why does YouTube unsubscribe me from channels?

YouTube removes all the spam and fake accounts from time to time. They usually create a list to remove accounts that are suspicious or that are not following YouTube security guidelines. 

Why do people unsubscribe you on YouTube? 

People tend to unsubscribe from your YouTube channel when they don’t find your content entertaining or when the content might not be fulfilling their expectations. 

Will the YouTuber know if I unsubscribe them?

The YouTuber will not know if you unsubscribe from their channel. You only get notified when someone subscribes to your channel, not vice versa. 

Can YouTube randomly subscribe me to any channel? 

YouTube doesn’t randomly subscribe you to any channel. However, if you face such issues, you must try contacting YouTube or disabling your extension.   

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