How To Participate in MrBeast Videos? (5 Ways To Contact)

How to participate in Mr. Beast’s videos is one of the leading queries on the internet. The challenge held last year in November made a lot of buzz when TikToker Breannah Yeh won a whopping cash of $250K!

This article covers the basic eligibility criteria to star in the richest YouTuber’s upcoming video. 

I will also discuss the selection process for the challenge, reasons why you might not get selected, some ways to get in touch with Mr. Beast’s Team, and finally, some Reddit insights from Jimmy’s real-time subscribers. With that, let’s check out the details!

How Do People Get Selected For MrBeast’s Videos?

Check out some pointers that increase your chance of starring in the Mr. Beast’s video:-

1. Apply For The Entry Form

Mr. Beast’s team made an announcement about the challenge on his social media page. Last year, the team posted a form on the YouTuber’s Reddit Community. The form was closed within 2 hours of posting, considering they received over 40K responses. 

While filling out the form, it’s important to be mindful as that is the first screening step.

2. Reside In North Carolina

Since Mr Beast lives in North Carolina, he prefers hiring viewers from similar areas. That is because the filming process is a lot more convenient since Donaldson’s headquarters are also located here.

3. Applicants From The Merch History

Applicants From The Merch History
Source: Reddit

While scrolling through the Reddit thread, I saw a comment discussing how they were approached for the video. They said they had recently purchased merchandise, so there was a high chance of the team picking the challengers from the merchandise history.

4. Know Someone From The Company To Get The Special Form

I understand this is a nepotism call, but unfortunately, that’s how the industry works. If you know someone from the company, you will get prioritized over viewers without connections. 

However, ensure you still have the above pointers in check to strengthen your chance of getting selected. 

6 Strategies To Increase Your Chance Of Entering In Mr. Beast Givaway Video/ Challenge

Check out my top strategies to increase your chances of entering the Mr Beast’s Giveaway video or challenge and gain a price worth a hefty amount!

1. Subscribe To His Channel

Subscribe To His Channel
Source: Mr Beast, YouTube

This is basic. Many creators give exclusive leverage to subscribers who benefit them – as we have seen earlier, having merch enhances your chance of getting selected. 

Likewise, subscribing to Jimmy’s YouTube channels is a free pass to star in the video.

2. Turn On The YouTube Notification Bell

Turn On The YouTube Notification Bell
Source: Mr Beast, YouTube

When your notifications are turned on, you can like, comment, and share the videos a lot faster than others. This increases your chance of getting noticed by the team, which would further deem you as an active subscriber.

As a result, you will reap the benefits of your hard work sooner or later. 

3. Follow The YouTuber On Social Media

Follow The YouTuber On Social Media
Source: Mr Beast, Instagram

Following Mr. Beast on his social media platforms would keep you updated with all the latest news regarding the challenges. This way, you would know all the rules and eligibility criteria. 

Thus, you have more time to abide by the rules and get selected for the video.

4. Regularly Drop Like, Comment, And Share On The Videos

As mentioned earlier, a regular frequency of likes, comments, and shares on Jimmy’s video would make you stand out from the rest. This helps the team and Mr Beast himself to understand that you are an active subscriber. 

So, when they do come across your application, it would help them prioritize you. 

5. Enter As Many Times As Possible

There is no limit on how many times you apply for the form. So, send them applications as much as possible to increase your chance of featuring in the video. However, keep in mind that there is a thin line between passion and annoyance. 

So, while someone would take your numerous entries as “Oh, this person is dedicated,” someone else would simply blacklist you. 

6. Follow The Rules For The Giveaway

Follow The Rules For The Giveaway
Source: Mr. Beast, YouTube

Rules are a crucial part of any competition. Irrespective of the good you have performed, in case you have violated any rule, judges don’t think twice before disqualifying you. 

This is why reading the Giveaway rules is important to know you are not violating any rules. Additionally, you can find a loophole through those rules, which would work in your favor again.

5 Ways To Contact Mr Beast Or His Team

Check out five ways to contact the Mr beast team regarding any queries or starring in the videos. Remember, do not contact them to ask for money immediately. 

Mr Beast is not okay with you asking for direct money. Instead, he prefers you apply for the giveaway video and, thus, earn a good amount of money!

1. Reach On Mr Beast’s Community Number

+1 (917) 259-6364 is Mr. Beast’s community number, so you can contact the YouTuber’s team regarding featuring in one of the Giveaway videos. 

On the other hand, you can also discuss the queries that you are having. According to an update on Mr Beast’s social media, any viewer who contacts Jimmy on this number will be flown out for the upcoming video challenges.

2. Contact On The Professional Mail

If you want to express your gratitude for how much Mr Beast’s videos keep you entertained, you can directly shoot an email at You can use the same email address to reach him for work purposes. 

However, Jimmy strictly prohibited subscribers from asking for money. So, do not use this professional email for that reason. Instead, you can apply for the giveaway videos, as there you get an opportunity to earn Millions of dollars.

Contact On The Professional Mail
Source: Dexerto

3. Send A Fan mail Through A Post Office

If you enjoy sending fan emails or gifts to Mr. Beast, then good news: the YouTuber has set up a PO service where he receives everything that subscribers send him.

Check out the address: 1822-6 S. Glenburnie Rd. (number 275), New Bern, NC. 

Zip Code: 28562.

4. Reach Out On His Social Media

You can slide into Mr. Beast’s messages on Instagram and Facebook if you have any queries or want to talk. Unfortunately, the same thing is not available for TikTok and Twitter. 

So, you just have to reply to his tweets or comment on TikToks.

5. Contact Mr. Beast Manager

Contacting Donaldson’s manager is probably traditional, as most celebrities do their work through their agents. This is more so because Mr Beast is too busy to review every single message and email he gets. 

Therefore, to speed up the process of getting a response, simply contact the manager at Once you email Reed Duchsher Night Studios, he will convey your message to Mr Beast.

Top 10 Mr. Beast’s Top Giveaway So Far

Check out the top giveaways Mr. Beast has held as of February 2024!

GiveawayPriceYouTube Link
Private Jet$2,500,000Here
Private Island$2,000,000Here
Influencer Tournament Cash Price$1,000,000Here
Hide and Seek Contest$1,000,000Here
Survive 100 days trapped challenge$500,000Here
Ages 1 to 100 contest$500,000Here
Kids vs Adults Tournament$500,000Here
Stay in the Circle challenge$500,000Here
Game of Tag$500,000Here
Leave the Circle challenge$500,000Here

Why Will You Never Be In A Video?

The only way you cannot be in My Beast’s video is if you do not fit the following criteria:-

  1. Non-American
  2. Under 18

Jimmy resides in North Carolina, thus prioritizing people from the same state. 

The reason is that the richest YouTubers’ headquarters is also located there, making filming much easier. However, being anywhere in the world is still fine. It’s just hiring Americans would be a lot more convenient.

Likewise, considering how celebrities get canceled at every random opportunity, taking minors into the video would have stirred controversy. Hence, to avoid that, having 18+ criteria is the best decision on Jimmy’s end.

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Conclusion: Contact the MrBeast team at +1 (917) 259-6364 and participate in his videos

The first step to participate in Mr Beast’s videos is completing the released form while ensuring you are 18+ and reside in America. This is the basic criteria to star in the video. 

After that, you need to take care of a few strategies to enhance your chance of getting featured in Mr Beast’s giveaway video. Check out my suggestions below:-

  • Subscribe to the channel
  • Be a merch holder
  • Regularly interact with the videos, be it through likes and comments
  • Know someone from the company

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Mr Beast at the community number +1 (917) 259-6364 and gain an extra perk! Plus, you can also shoot an email at 


How do I get onto a Mr. Beast challenge?

Fill out the form Beast’s team has released, and make sure to answer the questions diligently. Once you are done with the base of the screening test, verify your subscription date, when you had merchandise, and whether you reside in North Carolina. These are some factors that are considered before the final selection.

How much does MrBeast get paid per video?

Mr Beast earns up to 2 Million per video. This revenue is solely based on the ads that roll out at the beginning and middle of the video.

Does MrBeast reply to emails?

Mr Beast replies to most of the emails he gets. However, ever since his popularity sky-rocketed, it’s much harder to revert to every single email. 

Are MrBeast videos appropriate?

Mr Beast’s videos are very much appropriate for kids and families!

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